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Technical Essential Day Webinar AWS 7-3-22

Heya All,

I attended Technical Essentials Day webinar yesterday hosted by AWSome technical trainers Thomas and Bart, and listing the key take away topics from the session below. If you find it helpful feel free to hit a like. Deep dive to each topic by following links listed in the post.

IAM - Identity and Access Management

VPC - Virtual Private Cloud

EC2 family and pricing models - Elastic Compute Cloud


Securing your EC2 instances by applying NACLs on subnet level and Security Groups on instance level.


Relational, Key Value, In-Memory, Document, Wide Column, Graph, Time Series, Ledger databases.

Image description


Object store, File store, Block and Instance stores.

Monitor - Amazon Cloud watch

Load Balancing - Elastic Load Balancers

Scale - Auto Scaling of the EC2 Instances

NOTE: All Resources listed in the post are authentic public resources provided by AWS.

Hope it helps. Cheers!

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