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AWS Learning Resources

Hello World, this is me sharing my learning experience of AWS as a beginner. I have completed my AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate and presently preparing for SAA and Advanced Networking Specialty.

The article can be helpful for the individuals who want to get started with Cloud Computing leveraging Amazon Web Services. Here i will be listing resources that i use on daily basis to learn AWS and its offerings. Hope it helps. Feel free to comment your favorite AWS learning resource and help each other learn better.

In my opinion, Attending webinars is one of the best way to learn AWS from the basics along with reading whitepapers and watching digital trainings.

AWS Ramp-Up guides are great references to locate the resources and create a path to your learning as per your interested area. Ramp-up guides also include Hands-On Labs which can be done using AWS Free Tier. With AWS Free Tier you can explore and try out AWS services free of charge up to specified limits for each service. You can locate the Ramp-up guides using the following link:

I also follow AWS Twitch channel and attend live sessions there as and when i get chance. It is a good platform to learn specific topics as well as for posing queries real time to AWS experts.
Also re:Post is a great place to place your queries in a forum and AWS experts will help answering your queries.

There is AWS Educate,, which has free trainings which you can use to build your cloud skills at your own pace. It also lists job opportunities which you can refer to locate any job openings with AWS in your skilled area.

I have recently joined to read articles from AWS community builders. I am excited to learn more, hope you are too!

Cheers to Learning.

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