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Test your C# Skills

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My journey with learning .NET stack started with C# concepts. As I did not have any adequate financial support or the dedicated environment of people sharing same goals. I was left with no option but to self-teach myself the concepts/logic and internet was my only friend and mentor.

I have made a small test platform using HTML, CSS and JS where one can test their basic knowledge of C# programming. It is completely beginner friendly MCQ based application. Let me give a little overview of C#.

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework. C# is used to develop web applications, desktop & mobile apps, games and more. It is known as Step sibling of Java as it resembles with syntaxes, semantics of Java and is OOP’s based with advance features of garbage collection and compilers generating IL code. It is foundation base for creating apps on .Net.

A C# developer should be aware of basic of C# concepts as CLS, CTS, boxing, unboxing, casting, string, arrays to advance concepts as inheritance, interface, abstraction, multithreading, generics, exception handling, delegates, and events. Although, this test app is beginner friendly so even if you are not much comfortable with C# advance topics, you could practise the test. Below is the link for Test your C# Skills application.

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I understand that the main focus of this webapp is for C# devs, but is worth mentioning that if I open the DevTools I see a questions.js file that has all the answers on it. Ideally, you should serve the questions without answers from the backend, and then record the options chosen by the user, send those to the back and check in there if the answers are correct, without sending the correct correct answers to the user.

If you don't have control over the back end, then you could encrypt the array containing the questions with something like this:

const encrypt = data => btoa(JSON.stringify(data));
const decrypt = data => JSON.parse(atob(data));
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A kind of popular game made in my country called "Trivia Crack" had this issue as well, so there were several hacks to answer correctly with a click. You should never trust the user with the answers.


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Shaiju T

Nice 😄, For advanced learning check below:

May help.

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