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TDD , or test driven development , is one of the better ways to develop software. It leads to better design.

TDR , or test driven reading , is one of the better ways to understand programming concepts. (specially Design Pattern topics)

The more blogs and tutorials I read, the more I realise that every article starts with the design code and then the execution ( main() ) code .

I then thought, if I read the main/execution code first and then try to go back and see the design code , then everything starts making sense.

Tests / main() code also leads to a better understanding of programming concepts

Thoughts ???

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Right. TDD should be considered as good standard. I admit in some cases it's painful thing to do but at the same time it's necessary to avoiding mistakes.


Thanks for the comment . I guess I failed to communicate a particular point here.

If we can do TDD , why not write blogs, tutorials in similar way.

Example: If I had to explain Observer Pattern , I would first start with showing the end result i.e. the client code first . That would give a brief idea to the reader about the intent of the author.

Now the reader , can relate the upcoming implementation much better..

Here client code is the 'Test!!!' and the 'Observer , Subject' classes are the implementation.

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