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Shu Ha Ri

Swapan Roy
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Shu Ha Ri is a Japanese martial art concept that is used to describe the progression of training or different stages which can be adopted by an agile team.

Shu ha ri is roughly translated to “Understand the basics, then master it, and finally, invent something new.

In Shu – The first stage of learning technology or art, we understand the basic rules, procedures, and follow a strict discipline to grasp them.

In Ha – The second stage when the technology or art has been understood, one tends to expand their learnings and start adopting it and in turn mastering the skills.

In Ri – When technology has been mastered and fully adopted, one tends to expand their boundaries and make innovation. One tends to depart from the basic understanding of the technology or art and create a new procedure or rules which suits our current needs.

As an Agile Coach, one must understand at which stage your team is to assist them to perform efficiently.

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