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Sumit Wadhwa
Sumit Wadhwa

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THE most exciting web tech war EVER

Ever been to some YouTube video page where you just wanted to like go through comment section and see people fighting over stupid things?

Well, this blog post, though posted over 4 years ago, has one of the the most amazing tech wars going on in its comment section (which, unlike the post, is updated).

Title: You use PHP because you don't know better
Author: Adam Bard
Link to the blog

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Kasey Speakman

PHP will only die when people stop fighting over whether to hate it or not.

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Ben Halpern

devhead profile image

languages don't die, humans just forget them.

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Lewis Menelaws

It always seems like PHP is the laughing stock of the internet. Here is an article that is almost 6 years old that goes more into detail about why PHP is bad.

Again, the comments go as expected.

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Pedro M. M. • Edited

Well. Personally, I don't like PHP. I prefer Golang, for network services and/or concurrency, or NodeJS. But Symfony is one of the best the technology stack for an application.