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What does team collaboration mean in 2019?

Getting your team to collaborate without stepping on each others' toes is hard. What are you doing about it?

Is it just about communicating over Slack and assigning tasks?

I'm pretty sure everyone here has wondered how to get your team to work together and not have any miscommunication.

It is common to think that the only benefit from a successful collaborative team is shipping features faster and making more money. But that used to be the case when people still worked out of cubicles.

So, what does team collaboration in 2019 look like? What are the challenges of the modern workplace? How do you get your team to collaborate effortlessly? 🤔

At, after multiple trial and errors, talking to CEOs, and studying several researches, here's what we learned.

Drop in the comments the processes you've tried in the past and use in your organization to get your team to work together.

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