Wish you everyone a happy Diwali!

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Hello world,

I'm sorry, I couldn't publish a post this week. I wanted to write about particle physics with JavaScript and html5 canvas. But the demo took too long to make and I was busy with Diwali shopping. So I present to you the video of the demo this week and the actual post next week.

Diwali, in the true sense, means ending all evils, cruelty and hatred > towards one another. Get together to celebrate the spirit of the festival.

Happy Diwali! ✨🎆🙌🏽

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Happy Diwali to all.
In India this is a festival of lights to symbolize victory of good over evil. People meet and greet each other with traditional sweets, buy new clothes, women buy new gold ornaments, children light up fireworks. There is a very festive environment with colorful lights, oil lamps, lanterns in every house. It's the biggest festival and celebration of the year in India.

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