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ESLint Config for React and React Native Development

Over the years of working with React Native I've collected several plugins and rules which I use in my development and finally gathered it in a single package which is ready to be shared.

I initially started with TSLint but when it was announced that it was deprecated switched to ESLint, first with TSLint plugins to have smooth transition and then to completely abandon TSLint.

I had issues with configs like AirBnB and Google because they didn't cover some things and were not strict enough, so I decided to do what suits me best rather than overriding things I needed, this also let me to check what rules ESLint offers.

Primarily this config is made for React Native + TypeScript development but it also works well with React projects.

Plugins which I use:

There are also TSConfig and Prettier config.

If you are like me and want to have a strict set of rules, then give it a try!

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ESLint strong (strict) config for React and React Native development.

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