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Create a Single Page Application in React.js Using EasyFrontend

What is a single page application?

A single-page application is a web page that loads only a single web document and changes its content based solely on APIs.

What is EasyFrontend?

A free collection of UI Components, Blocks, and Sections Built with - HTML, React, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS to boost your Development Workflow with over 600+ Free UI Components. You can Copy-paste Code or utilize our Powerful Editor to create, edit, and download complete websites and landing pages without the need for coding from scratch.

Steps to Create a Single Page Application:

First of all visit The page will look like this:

EasyFrontend home page

Click "Try the Editor" to begin building your project. You'll find options to select the technology and framework you want to use. Since we're creating a single-page application in React, choose React as the language, and for the CSS framework, select Bootstrap, which mainly utilizes react-bootstrap. Then, click the "Start Building" button.
React and bootsrap

Once the project is created, you'll be directed to the builder page.

EasyFrontend editor

Use the "Add Component" button or select categories from the left sidebar to add components and create your single-page application.

easyfrontend sidebar category

I added a navbar, header, service, review, and footer. Here's how the page looks:

Easyfrontend components

You can preview it on a new page by clicking the "Preview" button.

EasyFrontend page preview

Editing text and CSS:

By clicking on the edit button you can edit the content and add custom css for your needs. I will only change the content.

Easyfrontned Editor

after making the necessary changes we are ready to download it. Click on the export as a zip to deploy and check it locally.

EasyFrontend Downlaod as ZIP

Click and Download your single-page website.

downlaod easyfront

You can now check it locally or deploy it on a server. I deployed it to Vercel.

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