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Laravel One of Many Eloquent Relationship Example

Suresh Ramani
Laravel & Vue.js Developer
Originally published at ・1 min read

A new one of many Eloquent relationships is coming to Laravel 8.42 thanks to a PR contribution by Lennart Carstens-Behrens along with collaboration from Taylor Otwell is released some days ago. This one of many relationships is very useful.

So what is one of many relationships is? The one-of-many relationship creates a one-to-one association from a one-to-many relationship. This quote is not enough to define this relationship. So let's see an example to understand.

Many times you will see that a model may have many related models, yet you want to easily retrieve the "latest" or "oldest" related model of the relationship. For example, a User model may be related to many BrowserHistory models.

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