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πŸš€ Exciting breakthrough in Decentralized Confidential AI by Super Protocol & NVIDIA!

Thanks to our close collaboration with NVIDIA, we've achieved a groundbreaking milestone, harnessing the unique confidential computing mode of NVIDIA's H100 Tensor Core GPU.
Our tests successfully validate:

1️⃣ Launch of virtual machines with H100 GPUs in confidential mode within Super Protocol, showcasing the power of our decentralized, TEE-agnostic architecture – marking a significant leap in decentralized computing.
2️⃣ Usage of Llama AI models within this virtual environment, leveraging confidential tunnels as part of Super Protocol's security mechanisms. This facilitated the execution of a Confidential Multi-User AI Chat, similar to ChatGPT but with enhanced privacy. – The achievement ensures complete confidentiality and sets a new standard for future AI projects, prioritizing secure and private interactions, whether standalone or integrated solutions.
3️⃣ Execution of smaller tasks on H100 within Super Protocol's virtual Kubernetes environment – improving efficiency for real-world applications.
4️⃣ Conducting GPU and CPU attestations to verify and ensure the integrity of confidential computing processes – a critical step for the validation and protection of secure and private AI computing.

πŸ”₯ Our partnership with NVIDIA, initiated through the NVIDIA Inception program, has been crucial in achieving this milestone. We're committed to continuing our collaborative efforts to bring these capabilities from our internal testing phase to full-scale implementation.

🌟 Join us as we advance in decentralized confidential AI, shaping an AI future that ensures security, data protection, and empowers users with full control over their AI, independent from any single Cloud Service Provider.

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