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Should Web API be limited to RESTful?

sunflower profile image sunflowerseed ・1 min read

Actually, should Web API be limited to RESTful?

I remember in 2008, it was more like custom-made API made by our backend team, and it can be anything.

But around 2010, it was RESTful every where, and it seemed all Web API was RESTful.

Today in 2020, GraphQL tend to be "custom-made" or "anything".

Should we design Web API today as RESTful or just "anything" or "custom made"? Can we have an API that is partly RESTful and just about anything? Then it will be RESTful together with something similar to GraphQL that can return custom data.

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Actually, should Web API be limited to RESTful?

No, It doesn't matter which manner you use to provide your Web API, even for RESTful you must have documentation and users must follow that.
Also (as "back-end" developer) you should define or choose a convention to keep integrity of the API.