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Send Notifications Through Node.js App! 🔥

In this article, we are going to learn how we can create notifications/reminder in Windows/ MacOS with your Node.js app.

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To make a notification through our node app, we are going to use node-notifier package. It is already a quiet popular package with more than 9M weekly downloads!

About this package:
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  1. Do the initial setup for node app.

  2. Install the package:

yarn add node-notifier
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npm install node-notifier
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  1. Quickstart with this short code: add this code in your index.js
const notifier = require('node-notifier');

// Object
  title: 'My notification',
  message: 'Hello, there!'
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You can further add more custom option in it like icon, wait for user action, timeout, reply etc.

const notifier = require('node-notifier');
const path = require('path');

    title: 'My awesome title',
    message: 'Hello from node, Mr. User!',
    icon: path.join(__dirname, 'coulson.jpg'), // Absolute path (doesn't work on balloons)
    sound: true, // Only Notification Center or Windows Toasters
    wait: true // Wait with callback, until user action is taken against notification, does not apply to Windows Toasters as they always wait or notify-send as it does not support the wait option
  function (err, response, metadata) {
    // Response is response from notification
    // Metadata contains activationType, activationAt, deliveredAt

notifier.on('click', function (notifierObject, options, event) {
  // Triggers if `wait: true` and user clicks notification

notifier.on('timeout', function (notifierObject, options) {
  // Triggers if `wait: true` and notification closes
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💡 Note: This package has its own system requirements.

  • macOS: >= 10.8 for native notifications. _
  • Linux: _notify-osd or libnotify-bin installed (Ubuntu should have this by default) _
  • Windows: >= 8, or task bar balloons for Windows < 8.
  • And if not met any requirement then it will use Growl.

More know about this package on:

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