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What is React Native and Why you should use it ?

Suhail Kakar
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According to Statista, React Native is the most popular technologies for cross-platform software development of mobile applications for two years in a row.

Releasing an app on both App Store and Google Play is every business’s desire. But the trick is, before shipping a mobile app to the market, you have to choose a technology stack. Is it going to be React Native, Flutter or some other technologies ?

What is React Native and Why you should use it ?

React Native is a popular open-source library that runs on JavaScript.It is written with the combination of XML -Esque markup and JavaScript which is also known as JSX. React Native primarily focuses on the native rendering of applications that is majorly compatible with Android and iOS.

Pros of React Native

  • Large developer community
  • Simplified UI
  • Fast Applications
  • Native rendering
  • Performance
  • Hot-reloading

Popular apps made using React Native

  • SoundCloud
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Flipkart
  • Tesla
  • Skype
  • Wix
  • Pinterest

Great Right ?


Now, did you get the answer to your queries related to React Native App Development? Hope you have got a crystal-clear picture to what React Native is all about and why you should go for it for creating your mobile apps.

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Rafael Fu

Thank you. React Native is great because of the PRO's you listed. I appreciate that you did not include the word "popular" in the PRO's.