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Send automated emails using

You will need

1 Terminal (ex- Git Bash)
2 Email ID

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Install n8n using npm or npx

Install n8n locally on our system, use the below command.
npm install n8n -g

Alternative, If we just want to use n8n without downloading to a local machine, can use this command
npx n8n

In this guide, we will walk you through using npx.

Step 2: Copy the URL and paste it in the address bar


After pasting “http://localhost:5678/” in the address bar, we will get the n8n workflow page.


Now, we are in n8n workflow, where we can use various types of tools to automate the task. So, over here, we will be using the “send email” node for sending the emails using this workflow.

Step 3: Select the “send email” node

Go to the “+” and in the search box type “send email” then select it. After selecting the “send email” node, the below window will pop up.

Note: Before putting the mail address in “from email” make sure that you have the correct and that email account on a service with SMTP support.

If we have a simple email account but in this case, we can also register our email account for SMTP service support by using some SMTP service provider's example elastic email.

Step 4: Create SMTP credentials

Go to Elastic-Email website and create SMTP credentials for your email. After creating, make sure to copy your password.


Now, we are ready to put all the required details for executing our “send email” node.

Step 5: Put all the details for sending the mail from the “send email” node

Click on “SMTP credential” and select the pencil icon and put all the details from the Elasic-Email SMTP details.


Note: In “from email” put only that email which you have provided for SMTP service.

1 Fill the “from email” address
2 “To email” address
3 BCC and CSS email (Optional)
4 Subject
5 Text or HTML form message


If all goes fine then the response will be like the below image


Note: Check the spam folder also, if you don’t find it in your inbox.


Thanks for follow along, hope it helps!


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