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Things we have learned

Sharing is Caring! This is why we would like to post new learnings from our Engineering colleagues at SinnerSchrader on a regular basis. Whether it is regarding a tool, a good read, git command, css pseudo-class, or something completely different. There are no boundaries, it just has to be something we have learned.

Toggle your mic

With ⌘/CTRL + D you can toggle your mic in Google Hangouts(Meet) and with ⌘/CTRL+SHIFT+M in MS Teams.

The Rule of Three

“The Rule of Three” basically says you should only centralise a code functionality if it is used in at least three places in your code. This rule should help to rethink the constant mantra of developers of “don’t repeat yourself”. This mantra can have negative effects and yield to problem-ridden components that solve too specific problems. So maybe you want to apply this simple rule: when reusing code, copy it once, and only abstract the third time. Don’t we all like to be a little bit messy sometimes?

Git reflog

Git reflog is perfect if you have lost all of your progress and / or need to recover lost commits. Reflog stands for Reference log. It records when the tips of branches and other references in the local repository were updated. Reflog allows you to go back to commits even if they are not referenced by any branch or tag. After rewriting the history, the reflog contains information about the old state of the branches and allows you to go back to that state if necessary.

Learn more about git reflog


The creator of node is working on a new Javascript runtime with focus on security. It is called ‘Deno’. Looks interesting and you may want to spend some time playing with it. Here’s an official page and an article explaining what it is:

Git checkout last branch

If you switch often between branches “git checkout @{-1}” could be helpful for you. By using it you will jump to your last used branch. You can also use the alias “git checkout -” for it.

Learn more about git checkout

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b_atish profile image
Beatriz • Edited

On apple devices clicking 3 times the power key (iPhone, iPad and also touch id on a mac)

brings up ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS and you can do some fun stuff:

  • ZOOM : great for presentations to increase the size of certain parts of the screen. Use CTRL ^ + 2 Fingers slide top/bottom (zoom in/out)
  • turn on VOICE OVER to test accessibility or read books while you are doing something else where you cannot look at the book's screen (swipe down with 2 fingers iBooks for continuous reading)
  • activate GUIDED ACCESS: to block an area/or the whole screen (great trick if you hand your phone to your kids)
falkorichter profile image
Falko Richter

In Slack the shortcut is m and if you hold the key down, you can use like a walkie talkie when you were young. Push to talk the best imho :)