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2020 ClassicPress Management Committee Elections

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The thing I love most about ClassicPress is the community. When ClassicPress started back in August of last year, founded by Scott Bowler, we knew we had to do things differently. The upcoming 2020 Management Committee Elections are the embodiment of this conscious decision we made as an organization.

Today, any active community member can put their name forward to be included in the general elections being held next month. The community then gets to vote on who they wish to have on the committee; voting in those who they believe will help continue the forward momentum we have seen so far.

The Management Committee oversees the day-to-day work and operations of ClassicPress, and all committee members are re-elected every 12 months. For more information, you can review the ClassicPress Organizational Structure.

The new committee will have 9 members. Of the original Founding Committee, only 6 have decided to run in this election. You read that right, current committee members don’t just automatically join the new committee. They must be elected just like everyone else. Even if all 6 of them get elected, there will be 3 new committee members joining them, so the 2020 committee cannot/will not be only Founding Committee members. What I am trying to say here is that everyone has a chance and it is really important to nominate yourself if you think you can make a difference in the project.

Self-nominations are open until Wednesday, November 20th at 11:59pm UTC time. Active community members are invited to put their names forward! For more information you can refer to the original blog post.

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