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You're free to say that React is bad, but telling people how they're just messy and like to write unmaintainable code if they're using React is really dumb thing.

Beside that, saying that React is bad is useless. Bad because of what? I have used Angular, React and Vue and all of them have certain advantages / disadvantages.

I noticed you were criticizing mixing of JS and HTML code; it's not like that actually. What you see as HTML in the React app is actually a syntactic sugar over function calls that create HTML elements (JSX). That allows us to do many thing which wouldn't be possible by plain mixing of HTML and JS (or would be too hard to do).

I would say that Angular is better choice for writing huge web applications because it allows better separation of concerns through services, but that doesn't have to be the case - I have been interviewed by the company which manages dozens of gambling sites with hundreds of microservices in the back-end and uses React on the front-end.

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