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Steph Smith Author

While I agree with some of the things you're saying, I think it's premised on one of the things that I'm trying to disprove: a "business" doesn't have to be a unicorn.

A question I have for you: when does a side project turn into a "business"?

Thanks for the suggestion on Wozniak's interview. Will definitely check it out.

And regarding burnout, you're right I probably haven't experienced the worst forms of it, but I think that lessons can be taken from the article still ring true - choosing to work on things that you enjoy and optimizing your time can result in a better life.

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Ivan Petrov • Edited

You are right, that perhaps too many people associate "business" with unicorns (1 bn $ startups). I am not among them. What about building an app or a service that is very niche and will turn you into just a millionaire?

To answer your question - when you intend for it to bring financial benefits to you.

I would've agreed more with your last words, had you included at least one other dimension to optimize (e.g. energy).