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Ivan Petrov • Edited

You don’t need to quit your job,
if you have a hobby (I think this is particularly due to the fact that in its current state, making is not my lifeline.)
or if you are a wizard who can type ones and zeroes for 40 minutes (check Wozniak's interview in Founders at Work).

If we are not geniuses but still want to make money out of the thing we are making then what?

Somehow people have forgotten that just because it's 201x,
You can't have your cake and eat it too.

You can't have

  • a demanding job,
  • relaxation time and
  • a serious side project.

Other permutations as yours for example (not a serious side project) - are entirely possible and what millions of people are already doing.

And I'm pretty sure that you haven't experienced burn-out or health issues connected with prolonged time of mental over-extension and stress which is really, really mention-worthy in such an article. ( You would have if you did)

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Steph Smith Author

While I agree with some of the things you're saying, I think it's premised on one of the things that I'm trying to disprove: a "business" doesn't have to be a unicorn.

A question I have for you: when does a side project turn into a "business"?

Thanks for the suggestion on Wozniak's interview. Will definitely check it out.

And regarding burnout, you're right I probably haven't experienced the worst forms of it, but I think that lessons can be taken from the article still ring true - choosing to work on things that you enjoy and optimizing your time can result in a better life.

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Ivan Petrov • Edited

You are right, that perhaps too many people associate "business" with unicorns (1 bn $ startups). I am not among them. What about building an app or a service that is very niche and will turn you into just a millionaire?

To answer your question - when you intend for it to bring financial benefits to you.

I would've agreed more with your last words, had you included at least one other dimension to optimize (e.g. energy).