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Coding during COVID-19 as a Recent Coding Bootcamp Grad

stefcodes profile image Stefanie Davis ・1 min read

This pandemic has changed our society mentally and the obvious physical impact.

As a recent coding bootcamp grad (Flatiron School), there is pressure to apply to jobs and build side projects to add to your portfolio. However, a major event occurred towards the end of my bootcamp and it's still ramping up.

I still feel this pressure. However, there's a stronger pressure on all of us. One area I figured I could help was in social isolation. I knew therapists were booked and many people can't afford therapy. However, empathy is free. I created a project to crowdsource empathy by allowing people a vehicle to talk to each other.

The project is built in React. And I used a Calendly and Zoom integration. This allows users to book time on the calendar to speak with someone. Once you receive the meeting notification, you also receive the Zoom link. The other party receives the Zoom link as well and you're able to have a conversation at a convenient time and connect with someone new during these trying times.

Next Steps:

I need volunteers to speak to people and a vetting process.

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