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Stefan Moore
Stefan Moore

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Hi, I’m Stefan!

I’m a midlife career changer, learning as much as I can in my free time so I can eventually leave my job and begin my career as a cloud professional.

I’m already certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect – Associate. I’ll be self-studying to sharpen my cloud skills and to build my business acumen. Eventually I’ll be starting on my portfolio by using the Cloud Resume Project.

Follow me on here to build connections. On GitHub to see my work and while you are checking out my GitHub page, please hit the projects tab to see my roadmap.


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Kostas Kalafatis

Hey there, welcome to our community! We're glad you're here. Please feel free to drop by our welcome thread and say hi. We'd love to get to know you and learn more about your interests and what you're currently working on. Don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch and we're always happy to welcome new members. Looking forward to seeing you around!

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Chukwuma Anyadike

Welcome to the club. I am also a midlife career changer. I'll probably tell my story soon.

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Stefan Moore

Thanks for the response. I like forward to reading what you post.