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Learning the AWS Cloud (Again)

That read exactly as it states Learning the AWS Cloud (Again). Even though I hold both AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect – Associate certifications, I don’t feel confident in my skillset. So, I’m starting at the beginning and learning from scratch. Knowing what I know now, I know how to study for a foundational understanding of the AWS Cloud, services, and terminology.

Along the way, I plan on getting my hands dirty and do some projects to have a better idea of the various AWS tools and their business applications.

I won’t be following a linear approach; I’ll be switching up my study routine to stay motivated and to remember why I decided to get into the cloud. Much of this learning won’t just be centered around AWS. I'll also focus on the equally important skills of a business professional and my mental focus and emotional intelligence.

What lead to this…I began to do deep dives and finding out:

  1. I need to know more than just AWS.
  2. 🤬 I don’t know 💩 about what I initially need to know.

So, thanks to content creators for helping me realize this and for me to bridge the gap from cloud certification to cloud career.

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Michael Tharrington

I really appreciate your dedication and persistence. Also that you're honest with yourself and willing to retread ground to make sure you know all the necessary stuff. Keep at it, you'll get there!

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Stefan Moore

Thanks, I'll be expanding on this topic soon. Hopefully, this will assist someone in their journey.

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usamanisarkhan • Edited

I can relate to this. I started with learning AWS AI services back in early 2022. There were around 10 apps. Now this number is more than 20.