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Lovely Silk

I added a new tool to my toolbox this week, Silk. Which is defined like this in their documentation.

Silk is a live profiling and inspection tool for the Django framework.

As a maintainer of a Django project this is a great tool in many ways.

  • Works seamless with Django REST framework
  • Can give you a good overview on how your endpoints are used
  • See details about HTTP requests/responses
  • Profiling
  • SQL query details
  • Statistics
  • And more...

The tool is added as a regular middleware for a typical Django project, so it's pretty straightforward to add it.

First we need to install the django-silk package.

python -m pip install django-silk
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After the package is installed we will need to update our list of middlewares in the file. The placement in the list can matter, read more about it here.

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We also need to add silk as an app.

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To be able to use the front-end for Silk we will need to add its path to the

urlpatterns += [path("silk/", include("silk.urls", namespace="silk"))]
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Since the tool is using the database to store its data we will also need to do a database migration.

python migrate

# And collect static files from each applications
python collectstatic

# Start the server
python runserver
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Now you can start to explore all the nice things with Silk. The Silk UI is located at http://localhost:8000/silk.

If you want to do some profiling you will need some more configuration, which also is easy to get started with.

This is really a must have tool if you are doing anything with Django.

Give it a try!

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