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Discussion on: The Sad Truth as to Why I Chose to Change Careers to Software Engineering

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I totally get that. What I was suggesting was to file a wrongful termination suit. Termination during maternity leave is an obvious violation in most (all?) states.

You've obviously moved on; my point was to try to hold your former employer legally accountable so they'd think twice before pulling that BS again. Anyway, glad things are better for you now.

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I wish I could, trust me I asked a lawyer. But our office had 4 women all of which were pregnant at one time and it would have been hard to prove :/ They simply could have said it was cause of something else. The lawyer said those types of lawsuits are extremely difficult to win, especially ones against state schools.
I wish the girls there all the best. They were kind to me while I was there. Ultimately it was upper management who was out of touch. But isn't that always the case ;) I'm sure karma will be served.
I love your passion for justice. Thank you for reaching out 💪🏼