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Scheduling API for Small Businesses

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces have become part of business vocabulary across all spectrums of e-commerce. At the most basic level, an API acts as a door into a software program, allowing it to interact with other programs without the need for the developer to share its entire code. Small businesses have much to gain from understanding and implementing APIs in their e-commerce sites.

Spurwing API is a secure and feature-rich, accessible platform for building integrations using their open-source widgets or even creating your own from scratch. Spurwing offers robust functionality via their SDKs (Software Development Kits), leaving you free of worrying about time zones, data storage, server traffic scaling and reminders.

Spurwing’s API makes scheduling a hassle-free and streamlined process for small businesses to add robust scheduling and booking to their application. Spurwing Powers millions of appointment bookings for thousands of satisfied companies, and their services range from marketplaces to SaaS and healthcare.

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Benefits of Spurwing Scheduled API to Small Businesses

There are countless benefits to calendar management and appointment scheduling that can be folded into different software setups and applications to aid small business owners. No matter what scale of business you run, you depend on appointment scheduling software. Spurwing enables business owners to streamline better and customize the client experience.

Scheduling Solutions Tailored to your Business

Many e-commerce sites do not harness the benefits of scheduling software with specificity in their application. Customization enhances your client experience, and Spurwing’s tailormade scheduling solutions make it more convenient for clients, cuts down on wasted time and resources, and reduces divergence from your daily schedule.

For example:

  • In the case of a hair salon, Spurwing allows customers to book their appointments according to their particular treatments.

  • In the doctor’s office, customization offers the patient bookings based on their specific appointment type, such as “bloodwork appointment” or a “new patient appointment.”

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A Scheduling Tool Gives Your Company An Edge Over Competitors

Spurwing’s customizable appointment scheduling platform can give your small business a competitive edge over companies using ‘out the box’ scheduling platforms. Offering your clients a more streamlined and responsive scheduling system enhances the user experience and increases your small business revenue.

Enhanced Integration With Your Current System

Spurwing offers appointment scheduling solutions to all levels of IT infrastructure or unique intranet web. Spurwing provides a fully customizable platform that is unique to your business to seamlessly integrate with your IT setup and tailored to your specific online appointment scheduling.

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Custom Development

Spurwing eliminates the need for outsourced solutions and having to custom code your existing platform. These solutions are usually costly and do not offer ongoing developer support for the custom development of your current platform.

Spurwing offers the option to build on or extend your existing features for a more functional product and customer experience. With Appointment Scheduling API, Spurwing provides enhanced time management solutions and exceptional developer and product support.

Other Features

Secure and Compliant

All your data is encrypted and stored at SOC-2 certified facilities, and Spurwing is HIPAA compliant and fully audit logged.

Fully Branded

You may fully white-label your interactions through Spurwing, even pre-built widgets, and email templates to place your brand in the spotlight without Spurwing’s mention.

Automated Notifications

Spurwing makes use of email and SMS to automatically send booking confirmations and reminders on behalf of your business.

Enhanced Synchronization

Spurwing’s API offers two-way sync with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook as well as one-click calendar links for each appointment.


Spurwing offers Appointment Scheduling API for small businesses to enable their software teams to deliver enhanced scheduling features and improve efficiency and reduce costs. Small businesses stand to grow and stand out from their competitors with Spurwing’s free access to their open-source marketplace with a host of widgets, chatbots, and top-tier integrations.

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