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Scheduling API for Patient Prescription Reminders

Patients mistiming their prescriptions are all too common. Discover three of the best solutions for keeping patients up to date with prescription reminders.

prescription reminder scheduling api

For most patients, medication is going to be at the heart of their treatment plan. If they take the medication, they get better. If they don't, then treatment becomes slower and less effective. The difficulty for many doctors and caregivers is ensuring that patients take the medication in the first place.

Through no fault of their own, it isn't uncommon to find patients taking their medication at the wrong time or missing a dose or two. When they are sick it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of things. With some medications, this may be fine. For other medications, regular and timely dosing is critical.

Thankfully, in the digital age, missed or poorly-timed doses should be a thing of the past. With the right technology, medical practitioners will be able to keep their patients reminded of when they should be taking their medication. This can lead to shortened treatment plans and healthier patients.

Patient Scheduling Systems

Patient Scheduling Systems

Patient scheduling systems, or patient management systems as they are more likely to be called, exist to help caregivers and doctors keep tabs on thier patient's progress. They are used for tracking treatment plans. They are used for tracking appointments. They can be used for tracking prescriptions.

A lot of medical practitioners are starting to see benefits in keeping their patients connected up to the patient scheduling system. While many places will use their systems as a way to keep patients informed of upcoming appointments, with the right tech there is absolutely no reason why they cannot be used to inform patients when they need to take their medication.

The scheduling API provided by Spurwing can be used in a multitude of different ways. A team of savvy engineers can use our codebase and infrastructure to craft a custom patient scheduling system that can provide patients with information on exactly when they need to take their medication. This means no lengthy calls for medical center support staff to walk a patient through their treatment plan. Everything can be found at a glance through the patient scheduling system.

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare Apps

It seems that there is barely a smartphone out there that hasn't been loaded up with a few healthcare apps. People have apps to remind them when to drink water. People have apps to remind them of when they need to exercise. People have period trackers. People have symptom trackers. A lot of medical centers have even developed their own tracker apps to help patients gain an insight into their day-to-day life. It helps make treatment so much easier.

Healthcare tracking apps on smart devices are the perfect solution for sending out automated medication reminders. Push notifications will instantly tell a patient when they need to take their next dose. There is no need for them to be going through mounds of information or getting in touch with their doctor.

A custom-developed tracking app may even allow doctors to update medication for the patient remotely. So, if a patient has to change up their dose for whatever reason, the app will automatically change how it sends reminders.

All a medical establishment needs is a good Scheduling API to provide the backend code for their system, coupled with a team of engineers that can create a software solution designed for their patients.

Smart Speakers

This is somewhat of an extension of the whole patient healthcare app idea.

A smart speaker, such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo, can be used to send audio reminders to patients when they need to take their medication. Since more and more people are now starting to incorporate these smart systems into their homes, it is a highly effective solution. It can even work for those patients that are not all that familiar with smartphones. They may not even own one.

When a patient has taken their medication, they can inform the smart speaker and they won't get informed until the time of their next dose rolls around.

With solutions like Spurwing at the backend, the development of systems like this with the right engineers will be trivial. They will have the scheduling system provided. All the software engineers need to do is code the front-end system for the patients. We can also provide you with Text-to-Speech solutions as an alternative to Google's, Amazon's and similar products.

healthcare reminder systems

Final Word

In the increasingly digital world, there is no reason why a patient should ever mistime their prescriptions. There is no reason why they should ever miss a dose. There is no reason why their treatment should repeatedly face timing setbacks.

Technology is now at the point where medical establishments can easily craft solutions where they can provide patients with up-to-date scheduling information for their medication. With the right solutions developed, patients can be informed automatically when they need to take their medication. This means better treatment plans and fewer calls that a medical center needs to field to inform patients of prescription timings.

Want to develop a prescription reminding solution? Spurwing provides the Scheduling API and infrastructure that developers need to incorporate patient prescription reminders into their software. Find out more about how we can help by getting in touch with us today.

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