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Scheduling API for Service Providers

Managing multiple offices with a high influx of client appointments can be complicated and error-prone. Tracking the appointments with client's payments makes it even more cumbersome. That is where a system like what Spurwing provides becomes a crucial element of daily office life.

What Can Spurwing API Do?

Spurwing's Scheduling API has been used by a variety of companies from health-related offices to engineering and development teams. It has several scheduling tools to keep appointments organized and convenient to clients. Custom time management solution systems can be designed around your specific use cases, for instance:

  • Allow clients to maintain choice in who they are seeing during their appointment.

  • Keep track of scheduling of multiple staff members with various services in several locations.

  • Maintain all client information in one place.

This API system is super convenient for clients or customers because it creates recurring appointments automatically and also has management systems that keep businesses in good communication with their clients.

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Will Clients Like It?

Clients will love this system even if they are resistant to online appointment booking. One of the best features of this system is the ability for clients to choose who they will be seeing when they book their appointment through the system. This is a great benefit to those in doctor's offices, counseling, banking, or other heavily booked industries that may not always have the same staff available.

Spurwing's Scheduling API is the perfect option for those with franchise businesses or multiple locations because it centralizes appointments and bookings for all locations. This allows all staff members to stay informed and help clients with their bookings regardless of where the clients call or who is answering the phone that day.

Maintaining the client's appointment history, notes, and contact information in one place saves time and effort for all staff members. This reduces emails and phone calls to get the necessary information to assist a client with changing or canceling appointments or retrieving information regarding a booking.

Another great feature of this system is it has a two-way synchronization with other appointment apps like iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Anyone can add to calendar links for any appointment with one click.

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Why Spurwing's Scheduling API?

This system has been tested with 10 million bookings. It is known to have a ton of incredible features along with reliability. Those using it know it's easy to worth with so the entire staff can use it quickly.

The integration system can be built either completely from scratch to customize it exactly you the business' needs or it can be constructed using open-source widgets. It can be built to match your brand with no mention of the company behind the system so clients will see it as your system.

It is built as HIPAA-compliant with all data encrypted, fully audit logged, and stores at SOC-2 certified facilities.

Spurwing's API is a system to consider for those in medium to large offices if you plan to grow because it will grow with your office. It is a solid appointment and information management system that keeps your clients on track with your business schedule.

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