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Scheduling API for Remote and Distributed Teams

Face it. Remote work is here to stay. It's opened up a treasure trove of benefits to companies and workers alike.

So the new frontier of work after the world more or less goes back to normal, will be maximizing efficiency even though the team may never be in the same room ever again.

Spurwing's Scheduling API can bring a level of organization and time management to your team so that it will seem like you're always in the same room together.

appointment scheduling api for project management


The average company is in over its head with projects, and anyone project that gets neglected could endanger the company's reputation. Spurwing's Scheduling API can be used to coordinate which projects take priority and which ones can wait a little bit, as well as manage which people can be assigned to each project for maximum efficiency.

Here's a new project that Allison would be great for. Let's assign her to it.. wait, no... she's already part of two teams on two different projects. Let's find someone else so that this project doesn't get delayed. That's the kind of bird's-eye level project management that development with Spurwing offers.

Maybe you have a project pop up that calls for the collective efforts of more than one team. No problem, Spurwing can also make collaboration easier with shared options for teams.

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Projects are the sum of their tasks. If the typical company is flooded with projects then the number of tasks must be innumerable.

This is where Spurwing's time management capabilities really shine. When time management tools are properly implemented, you can collect all the lost minutes and seconds that add up to hours at the end of the week and turn them into time spent being productive.

Spurwing's Scheduling API plus traditional tricks of the office, such as timeboxing, or even the Pomodoro technique, will keep the ship that you run very tight.

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Ah yes, the people that your company is accountable to for the way projects and tasks are handled. Spurwing's Scheduling API will help you keep track of which project belongs to which client and when they expect to see results.

The law of averages states that you will eventually give the right report to the wrong client. Oops, I'm sorry, Client X. That deliverable was intended for Client Y. Clients don't see the 99% of accurate handling by your company outside of the 1% fumble with them.

scheduling api

Internal Reports

For all your bouncing back and forth between the people on your team, how do you translate their individual performances into reports that show how your company is doing as a whole?

Everything from the movement of letters in the mailroom on the ground floor to how accounting is doing up on the 4th story influences the overall efficiency of your company.

The tools that can be developed through Spurwing's Scheduling API can condense all this complicated data into solid, understandable reports that can be reviewed and translated into plans of action.
The solutions that can be developed through Spurwing are a gigantic step towards working smarter, not harder.

For more information visit the links below or schedule an intro call with our engineers.

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