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Scheduling API for Dev Shops and Teams

A lot of Dev Shops and Engineering teams spend countless of hours and resources on building custom calendar scheduling and booking systems. This is a complicated process, highly inefficient and a preventable bad investment. Several Scheduling API services already exist that have all the features you need, Spurwing is one of the top key players on the market. Stop reinventing the wheel and start delivering quicker and better products & services.

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A proper scheduling system is very important, especially with the rapid rise of Work from home and Remote work trend. Employees, teams and clients are usually spread all across different time zones and geographies. It would be one thing to manage a schedule if everyone was centrally located in a single time zone (but even that has plenty of headache and hassle). But trying to manage appointments with parties from multiple time zones can be a real nightmare.

Appointment Scheduling API

Providing a full-fledged scheduling API system that is flexible and adaptable, not to mention scalable, Spurwing simplifies complex scheduling significantly.

scheduling api

Instead of having to fight a bunch of different tools to try and keep everyone on the development team on the same page, Spurwing handles the bulk of the heavy lifting and allows for seamless integration into currently existing communication channels, calendars, and workflows.

Let's dig a little deeper into what makes Spurwing so special!

Fast, Reliable, Scalable Scheduling

Adding really robust scheduling, booking, and calendar management tools to your application or platform is a breeze with the help of the new Spurwing API.

More than five years of development happened behind the scenes to make Spurwing possible, with each and every update, upgrade, and improvement coming about through real-world use and live testing.

Today, Spurwing is one of the fastest, most reliable, and truly scalable scheduling API solutions available – and it's only getting better and better every day!

Say Goodbye to Scheduling Friction

Anytime you are talking about a team that isn't located in the same geographic region you're going to see some scheduling friction.

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Juggling different time zones, making time conversions, trying to figure out when everyone can jump on at the same time without getting up in the middle of the night, and just managing communication for development projects will always create extra friction.

That friction introduces stress into your development project that wouldn't have been there otherwise, and it's impossible to know just how much damage it's going to cause across the board if it isn't addressed ASAP.

With the Spurwing API, however, that scheduling friction is eliminated completely.

Thanks to the proprietary hooks and built into Spurwing, tools engineered to be used in small development shops or across major multinational development teams, and everything in between, to keep all clients satisfied on their needs and desires.

Spurwing Makes it Possible

To better understand exactly how Spurwing can be used across your development organization, we highlighted a couple of unique ways dev teams are already leveraging our API.

ERP System Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are incredibly popular today, and for good reason – they provide a snapshot look at the resources available to a team, but also help to better allocate and transition those resources across different projects too.

scheduling api for ERP

Development teams the world over are leveraging ERP systems to increase their efficiency and output. With the help of the Spurwing API scheduling different resource availability becomes second nature, eliminating some of the friction that would have slowed things down significantly otherwise.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

The Spurwing API can also tie into your reporting and analytics tools, automating this kind of reporting but also making sure that each and every detail of your analytics are synced up with your internal plans and schedules.

scheduling api analytics

Teams will always be kept in the loop about what's going on, about their progress towards each milestone, and will be provided with the information they need to adjust course on-the-fly to improve the tools, solutions, and platforms they are building, too.

Smarter Workflows

Having the ability to move information through the Spurwing API to your different communication tools helps to streamline workflows across all channels.

This keeps all members connected to one another regardless of time differences, make sure that everyone is shooting towards the same milestones, and improves the transparency of communication across the board.

Open Source Marketplace

We invest a lot of resources into building our large, completely free and open source Spurwing Marketplace.

scheduling api github

This contains a ton of resources and tools for scheduling, booking and calendar related resources: Widgets, ChatBots, Voice Commands & Speech Recognition, Availability & Collaboration tools, Management Dashboards, Analytics, Integrations for ERP, CMS, CRM, SaaS and Payment systems.

There's more

Tight Security

It's important to remember that the Spurwing API was engineered to be fully HIPAA compliant from top to bottom.

This provides a tremendous amount of security and peace of mind for and users, knowing that all data is fully encrypted, stored in facilities that are SOC/2 certified, and that regular audits are logged as well.

White Label

Right out-of-the-box (so to speak) Spurwing has the ability to be fully branded with organizational graphics, really helping to make it a part of your systems rather than another “tacked on” component.

This might not seem like a whole lot at first, but it definitely helps to seamlessly integrate Spurwing into existing workflows and generally give a feeling of ownership over these tools for dev teams.

Smart Sync Technology

This API has been built with two-way synchronization in mind with all of the popular calendar platforms (including Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple).

scheduling tools

Synchronizing information from one platform to the next with Spurwing is a breeze, made even simpler thanks to the introduction of “one click” add to calendar links for all appointments and schedules that are user generated.

This puts the power of scheduling in the hands of the entire organization. It keeps everyone connected, it keeps everyone up to date, and it make sure that all operations are running like a Swiss watch all the time!

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you've been looking for a Scheduling API that can help your team and/or your clients improve delivery, stability, efficiency then we have you covered.

There's a reason why this platform has become as popular as it is today, and why people are turning to Spurwing to help them with their scheduling needs more now than ever before. For more information, or to see the Spurwing Scheduling API in action with a live demo, drop us a line today! Use this form to schedule a demo call with one of our engineers.

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