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Save Time And Money with Appointment Scheduling Tools

Appointment scheduling tools are not simply built for convenience, they also offer the benefit of saved time and money which ultimately improve business efficiency. How Does An Appointment Scheduling Tool actually Save You Time and Money?

Higher job satisfaction

A reliable appointment scheduling software helps your company to save money by reducing the need for front desk staff 24/7. An appointment scheduling software can eliminate the need for an answering service and free up more of your front desk staff’s time on more profitable work.

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Staff members can focus on more quality and important work, such as, things that cannot be automated or replaced by technology: excellent customer service. As for scheduling and booking you'll only pay a single monthly fee for a frequently updated software that provides unlimited service.

Scheduling software integrates seamlessly with your company website and allows patients and clients to request and reserve appointment times based on your availability. This is often a more preferable method of making appointments for patients and clients too.

Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

Good quality appointment scheduling tools allow business owners to set automated reminders and confirmation requests for appointments.

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Both reminders and confirmation requests save your business money by reducing the number of missed appointments. These notifications also provide customers and patients with additional prompts for convenience.

Managed Availability

Utilizing an appointment scheduling tool allows individual employees and staff members to set their schedule availability. By automating availability there are less likely to be scheduling mistakes where clients or patients show up when a provider has a scheduling conflict.

Allowing staff and employees to set their availability also offers a degree of freedom over scheduling which is ideal for companies that share office space or have multiple providers.

Convenient Calendar Syncing

Appointment scheduling software also makes it much easier for providers to maintain an up-to-date schedule across multiple platforms.

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For example, an appointment scheduling service like Spurwing uses two-way syncing with external calendars. Two-way syncing ensures that no matter what calendar a provider uses, they see an up-to-date schedule of appointments.

Calendar syncing is more than convenient for providers, though, it is convenient for patients and clients too. Providers are much less likely to experience scheduling mix-ups, double-booking, or overlook last-minute appointments with cross-calendar syncing.

Alternate Appointment Mode Support

An added benefit of modern appointment scheduling software is that it gives you the option of supporting alternative appointment styles, for example, telehealth appointments.

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The current pandemic has driven up the need for video appointments and many businesses are having difficulty synchronizing traditional calendars with video appointment software. This causes appointments where providers are unavailable and missing reminders where patients end up not showing up and both of these problems cause lost revenue for your business.

Appointment Scheduling Software Supports Your Business

A good appointment scheduling software cannot solve all business shortcomings, but it can dramatically improve business efficiency. Streamlining the appointment process means fewer unnecessary staff, more organized clients and patients, more organized providers, fewer schedule conflicts, and better support for alternate appointment styles like video meetings.

There exist several scheduling and booking services. However not all of them allow for full customization of the entire process, design and white label solutions. At Spurwing however this is exactly our goal and vision for clients.

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