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Interview Scheduling Solutions with Spurwing API

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the job market inside out. It's now easier, and in some cases more profitable, for people to stay at home and look for a job. So the faster you can bring great talent onto your team, the better.

Speed and organization are necessary to keep a good applicant from slipping through the cracks. How are you going to meet that standard if your company receives hundreds of applications a day?
You can tighten the hiring process by integrating Spurwing's time management and scheduling API with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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An applicant tracking system is software used by human resources that acts as a database for job applicants. They're one of those hot little items that are becoming the norm for today's HR teams. They allow companies of all sizes to organize, search, and communicate with large groups of applicants.

If it's your job to bring good people on board your company, it's the applicant tracking system's job to make good people easy to be found. Otherwise, your full-time job will be reading resumes and applications.

An ATS can perform low-level functions like organizing applications and resumes by level of skill and specialty, or it can even be taken to the level of auto-rejecting applications with certain elements.

All applicant tracking systems store resume information in ways that make the candidates easy to filter and search by keyword. Important details on a resume can be missed due to human error. An ATS misses nothing and will capture key information and make it easy to access at a later time.

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Hiring managers and recruiters can attach digital notes to each candidate or Star rate ones that catch their attention. The ATS stores resumes so that it's possible to contact a candidate for another position with the company later on.

Once you integrate your applicant tracking system with Spurwing's API, you'll be able to access and keep track of the availability of people holding the interviews. Nothing kills a future career like no-shows. And sometimes those things happen on account of poor scheduling.

Spurwing's API will maximize the likelihood that the interviewer and candidate both will be meeting at a time that is optimal for either side.

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Automated reminders will keep both parties aware of where to be and at what time, no matter how busy their day gets.

Once the ATS has presented you with someone that looks promising, Spurwing makes it easy to hold the interview. Where necessary, Spurwing can implement state-of-the-art video conferencing applications including Zoom, Skype, and into into the API.
This helps make the interview more accessible and streamlined. Keeping an appointment for an interview is a simple as a few keystrokes.

If your company is already in the habit of using an applicant tracking system, then Spurwing will integrate with it smoothly.
If an ATS has not yet been set up for your team, then a new solution can be developed with the help of the Spurwing team.

Join thousands of businesses that have adopted Spurwing and schedule a 30-minute intro call with one of our engineers today. Continue reading about Spurwing Scheduling API.

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