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HIPAA Compliant Scheduling API

2020 was a year of great transformation across most every industry, but especially winthin the medical industry.

Traditional clinics and medical facilities moved aggressively into telehealth solutions, pushing forward a lot of amazing innovation but also bumping into a considerable amount of obstacles they hadn’t yet faced.

One of those obstacles was finding a way to maintain full HIPAA compliance with their scheduling. The three components of HIPAA security rule compliance: administrative, physical security, and technical security.

Thankfully though, a lot of clinics have found their way to the Spurwing Scheduling API platform (built from the ground up with HIPAA compliance in mind) and have dramatically improved the efficiency and security of their virtual scheduling platform.

Let’s dig a little deeper into how the medical community is using Spurwing today!

Here’s How the Medical Community is Using Spurwing Today

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Easier Client Booking and Calendar Management

Unsurprisingly, new research shows that patients are a lot more interested in scheduling their healthcare appointments over the web (especially via mobile friendly platforms) – and that’s helped to make Spurwing and essential part of this new telemedicine revolution.

With the help of Spurwing, it becomes effortless to create a very simple calendar system in your currently existing website or digital platform for handling these kinds of calendar activities.

Automating so much of the process, you free up valuable human resources that can be redirected elsewhere while also creating a much more user-friendly and intuitive scheduling system for your clients to use.

Talk about a real win-win!

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Quick Sync Across Personal and Business Calendars

Synchronizing personal and business calendars becomes a lot easier with the help of the Spurwing Scheduling API solution, too.

Most professionals (especially those in the healthcare world) are juggling multiple calendars all at once, and keeping everything neat and organized – not to mention synchronized – can be a bit of a hassle while still maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Spurwing provides that compliant system while still offering full synchronization with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar, Apple, and the Outlook calendar, too.

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Shared, Group Calendars to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

A big part of why telehealth services become so popular with healthcare professionals is because of the freedom and flexibility these options provide.

Instead of having to come to a clinic or facility and running all of your appointments from that singular location during strict hours of operation, it’s now possible to “meet your patients where they are” in a way that just was impossible previously.

At the same time, this flexibility and freedom runs the risk of your calendar being booked sporadically with no real rhyme or reason.

That’s going to dramatically reduce your overall efficiency and will likely have you working a lot more than you would have been before – in large part because of those “gaps” between appointments.

Spurwing helps to streamline your calendar a bit, working to “group” different types of appointments together by gently nudging potential clients, employees, and fellow healthcare professionals into scheduling specific types of appointments in similar blocks of time.

Being able to carve out these better optimized group appointments helps to better maintain your schedule while still giving you the ability to leverage the flexibility that telehealth brings to the table.

Effortlessly Time Block for Admin Work

Even if you are moving to a predominantly telehealth kind of platform for your patients and clients, you are still likely going to need some time blocked off to handle purely administrative work and administrative tasks.

Keeping on top of these tasks is mission-critical for running a successful business in the healthcare world. These tasks are essential to smooth operations and the services that you provide, and you can’t just tackle administrative tasks “willy-nilly” whenever your schedule opens up.

The Spurwing platform allows you to carve out different blocks of time for these administrative tasks, eliminating the ability for clients to reserve the same locks of time on your calendar – even if it isn’t that overt.

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Scheduled Email and Text Appointment Reminders Go Out Automatically

A lot of healthcare professionals are discovering that the number one reason their clients aren’t showing up to their telehealth meetings is simply because they don’t remember them!

That’s obviously going to be a problem for any healthcare operation, as missed appointments or skipped appointments are always going to cost time and money. Cancellation rates – even cancellations done on accident – need to be brought down just as low as humanly possible.

With Spurwing it’s possible to send out email and text based appointment reminders automatically, helping to improve your appointment attendance numbers significantly.

And we’re not just talking about once off email or text based appointment reminders, either.

You’ll be able to configure entire “reminder” sequences that play out over a couple of weeks or a couple of days to make sure that your clients and patients are kept in the loop and frequently reminded of their appointment with you.

All of these reminders go out automatically after they have been configured, freeing up your time and your energy (as well as valuable human resources in your office) to be redirected elsewhere.

Smarter, Safer, and More Secure HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Solutions

As we made mention of earlier, Spurwing is a scheduling solution that has been built from the ground up with full HIPAA compliance in mind right from the first line of code that was ever written.

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The safety, security, and privacy of your patients and clients needs to be respected regardless of the kinds of tools you are taking advantage of. By using this tool your leveraging secure solutions that protect your patients every step of the way while still providing a lot of useful functionality for you and them!

Easily Enforceable Telehealth Cancellation Policies

Businesses in the medical community have discovered that the telehealth transition has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of client cancellations for appointments, in large part because of how simple and straightforward it is for these appointments to move forward now.

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At the same time, though, cancellation rates haven’t stopped altogether – and you’ll need a proper cancellation policy that is automatically enforced if you’re going to eliminate problems that will devastate your revenue and steal your time.

Spurwing streamlines this process quite a bit, not only through the reminders that we mentioned above but also through the cancellation policy enforcement mechanisms that are built right in, too.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, the future of medicine definitely looks like it is trending towards the world of telehealth services – more rapidly than anyone could have expected, really.

Solutions like Spurwing help medical services and businesses jump on board the telehealth trend without having to completely overhaul their office, their workflow, or the way that they are used to doing business.

Learn more about Spurwing's Scheduling API or schedule live demo, reach out today!

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