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Building Business Management Solutions with Spurwing's Scheduling API

Spurwing eliminates the need for businesses to spend time and money and time building custom calendar scheduling and booking systems. The post-COVID era of remote work and work from home has spread both clients and employees across multiple time zones and locations. A proper scheduling system such as Spurwing offers all the features you need to deliver better products and services.

Spurwing provides Scheduling API to developers and engineering teams to create time management solutions and appointment scheduling and bookings. Spurwing provides for seamless in-house employee scheduling and attendance as well as facilities, classes, and events for enhanced business management.

If you seek a Scheduling API to streamline your business, Spurwing API offers several benefits to both small and large companies to improve productivity and customer experience. If you would like to know how Spurwing API can provide business management solutions, please read on.

Scheduling API for Business Management

business management wireframe scheduling api

Appointment Scheduling

Spurwing offers a flexible scheduling API that you can integrate into your business's existing software or use alongside other software to simplify scheduling significantly. Instead of juggling multiple tools to keep your development team on the same page, Spurwing integrates with your existing communication channels, calendars, and workflows for higher productivity in your business.

Spurwing API reduces no-shows for professional appointments by keeping track of your schedule and sending notifications to your clients about upcoming meetings. This feature saves your employees time on following up appointments and frees them to focus on driving sales which is any business's ultimate goal.

Spurwing API also provides for off-hours appointment scheduling, as trends show that customers are more likely to book services after hours. Taking advantage of this booking trend could provide your business an edge over your competitors.

sheduling api for employee management

Employee Scheduling

With Spurwing API, managers may track time and attendance and communicate with their employees all in one place. You may create schedules and relay schedules on the fly through just one click and improve accountability simultaneously with shift reminders, time-off management, and more.

Spurwing API eliminates scheduling friction caused if your team is located in different time zones and locations. Their proprietary software allows development teams to increase their efficiency and output and keep clients satisfied at the same time.

scheduling api analytics

Detailed reporting and Analytics

Spurwing's API integrates with your business's reporting and analytic tools and offers both automation features and synchronization with your internal plans and schedules. Managers can keep their team abreast of any project changes in real-time and coordinate team progress towards projected milestones.

Managers can move information through Spurwing's API to streamline your workflow across all channels improving transparency and communication for improved productivity. Regardless of time differences or location, keeping your team connected and moving smoothly towards the same goals.

github open source marketplace for scheduling

Open Source Marketplace

Spurwing has invested plenty of resources in providing its clients with a free and open-source marketplace. The marketplace offers tools and resources for booking, calendar, and scheduling related performance such as:

  • Chatbots
  • Widgets
  • Voice Commands
  • Management dashboards
  • Collaboration and Availability tools
  • Analytics
  • Integrations for ERP, CMS, CRM, SaaS
  • Payment options

ERP integration scheduling api

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Development teams can leverage the power of Spurwing's API scheduling to increase their efficiency and output. An ERP application automates several business processes to offer insights and enhanced management. ERPs and draws from a central database and integrates input from several departments, including:

  • Supply chain
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting

More Features

scheduling api data and security

Heightened Data Security

Our API is fully HIPAA compliant, fully encrypts your sensitive business data, stores it in SOC/2 certified facilities, and is also fully audit logged.

Full Branding

We offer white-labeled features, even their pre-built widgets and email templates. This feature allows you to place your brand prominently with no mention of Spurwing.

Enhanced Synchronisation

Our API offers two-way sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal as well as one-click, add to calendar links for your business appointments.

Top Tier Support

All of Spurwing's plans come with developer and product support, with friendly staff available via email or chat.


Spurwing's Scheduling API offers excellent benefits and is an essential tool to build business management solutions in today's workplace. Spurwing gives both small and large businesses solutions to streamline their customer experience and employee productivity in one customizable and scalable package. Business owners also benefit from using API with other software or integrating the API into their existing infrastructure.

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