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State of Technical Interviews - Need Your Help!

Technical Interview Suck (my personal opinion)

I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. There are a variety of ways to ascertain the knowledge of a developer during an interview. It seems to me that there's a mixture of like and dislike for any given method. For example, I can find about as many people who hate whiteboard questions as people who like them.

I believe the real devil is in the details, however.

Overall, technical interviews suck.

I propose that we can all do better.

A survey for developers

It's my belief that there is actually a very proper way to qualify and quantify all the interview methods in use today. In a future post, I will propose an interview structure that anybody can use to determine the "fitness" of a developer regardless of domain, knowledge, seniority or experience.

For now, however, I think it's important that we developers get a voice. I've thus formed a survey that is completely anonymous.

It's broken into two sections. The first section has 13 questions, graded linearly, that should take only a minute to fill out. These are, I believe, critical questions that will give a decent overview of what we experience on our end. There's another section with more questions that are completely optional. However, the more you fill out, the better the quality of the data.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and, of course, THANK YOU to everyone who participates.

Please share this so we can get as many people as possible in the survey.

I promise to share this data publicly and use it in ways that benefit everyone who needs work or needs to employ workers in the technical fields.

Google Doc Survey Here

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