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Spiro Floropoulos
Spiro Floropoulos

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Roast my portfolio

I could use some criticism on my portfolio site. Every time I update it there is usually something that nags me about it like I'm doing something wrong with it. Or I'm missing something.

I'd be happy to hear how the portfolio isn't up to snuff.

spirofloropoulos dot com.

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Grzegorz Ziemonski

Disclaimer: I'm a bad designer, I just happen to know some design rules since not-so-long ago.

  1. Visual hierarchy
    • Currently the most eye-catching thing on the page is your photo. I'm not saying that you look bad or something, but I think it should be either your name or your profession
    • The light font used for section headers (Highlights, Employment etc.) seems less dominant (and hence less eye-catching) than the bold font used below
  2. Whitespace
    • There's a huge amount of whitespace at the top of the site (because of the size of the photo) and it seems that this whitespace doesn't serve any particular purpose there
    • Because the space between sub-headings (Hobbies, Strongest areas etc.) and the content is the same as space between the previous content and the heading, it looks like the sub-headings are actually more important parts of one big pile of content under the big heading. I'd move the sub-headings closer to the content below them.
  3. Typography
    • As already mentioned in another comment, monospace fonts are not the nicest ones to read and not a good fit for every page style. Yours gives a pretty minimalist black/white experience and I think a more standard font would be a better fit.
  4. Consistency
    • The highlights heading is written in all caps, while employment is not. The sections about technical skills and portfolio seem to deserve the bigger size heading.
    • The line below the Employment heading seems unnecessary - there's no line below the highlights and it's not separating jobs as the other ones do
  5. Tone and content
    • Think about who is meant to read your page and what he expects there. I think the sentences in a light, conversational tone like "Not to mention..." and "Are you still reading?" are not a good fit on a portfolio page.
    • Are your hobbies really more important than your strongest skills?
    • There are 2 sections mentioning that "there's more"
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Tyler V. (he/him)

The light font used for section headers (Highlights, Employment etc.) seems less dominant (and hence less eye-catching) than the bold font used below

I found it very difficult to try and skim through everything. This a partially as is mentioned in the quote here, but also it felt like there was too much listed on the page. I want to say because there was no clear breaking points between headers?

On another note, I'd probably add screenshots under the Portfolio section. It will help with displaying roughly what to expect when clicking the link, as well as adding something else to look at to the page.

Disclaimer: I'm not the best designer, but these are the things I would try

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Sergey Kislyakov
  1. Different size of icons.
  2. Not everyone likes monospace fonts.
  3. Responsibilies -> Responsibilities.
  4. You should add nesting to your responsibilities if you make the "responsibilities" word as an item of a bullet list.

Looks pretty good though.

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Spiro Floropoulos

Thank you!