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⚡️Tools and products we use at Spike - part 2

We believe in outsourcing complex jobs to specific products. This a small list of other tools and products we use.

👈 First part on all the tools and products used by engineering.

1. Intercom

We got into Intercom's early stage program to access the entire platform. We mainly use this for customer support using Live chat and user onboarding.

2. GitBook

After having tried multiple products to host our documentation, we finalised GitBook. It's intuitive, has a great UI and super flexible. Our customers love our docs.

3. 1Password

We didn't think we would use this as much as we do. This is by far the product we use the most other than Gmail. We recommend orgs and individuals to use 1Password to stay safe and secure.

4. Notion

Roadmap, sprints, extensive documentation for features and team collaboration all on Notion. It's literally capable of everything our teams needs in one place.

5. Headway

We display our changelog on the website and on the dashboard. There are mixed opinions about public changelog on the internet but for us, it's easy to keep our customers up to date about the latest changes on our platform.

6. Figma

Frankly, the only reason we started with this was because it was free. (not kidding). However, Figma has played a HUGE role in how we work. At Spike, we take design very seriously and Figma has been an ultimate solution.

7. SendX

We use SendX for our promotional emails. Easy, affordable and perhaps the best support of all the other products we have used. Super SME friendly.

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