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Angular and RxJS on Mastodon

TLDR While Elon Musk is doing his best to destroy Twitter, I created my new social media presence on Mastodon. Follow me on Mastodon for great Angular and RxJS content!

I used to be quite active on Twitter and found there a very nice Angular community. I learned a lot from the great people there and sometimes somebody could even learn from me. :) It was super cool and fun there!

But since Elon Musk took over, I have totally lost my motivation to post on Twitter. Twitter is not the same place anymore. And most importantly, the owner of my main social media platform shouldn't be crazy!

Last Resort: Mastodon

I find Mastodon very interesting... It is open source. Everyone of us can help to shape it. No crazy person can ever own it.

For me, it is time to move on, and Mastodon could be the right place.

After hanging out on Mastodon for a few weeks, I can say: it feels great, a breath of fresh air!

I like

Some things which I like about Mastodon:

  • 500 characters: It is easier to write something useful with more insight. It feels much more like writing a small blog post.
  • Edit posts: I used that a lot already :) Fixing typos or improving the content.
  • Timeline without algorithm. The timeline is just sorted chronologically. That gives me peace. You can also not see "likes" directly: You can not judge a post by its "likes/retweets" at first sight. The content matters more.

Room for improvement

There are also some issues which should be mentioned:

  • More difficult to register: You have to find a Mastodon server which suits your needs. There are some criteria to consider: moderation, server rules, server location, interests of the users, number of users, how long does the server exist already, do I trust the server admin. Some people have a hard time to choose a server. I feel you! But at the same time the server does not matter too much. You can move to another server whenever you want.
  • It is not so straightforward to follow people from other Mastodon servers. You have to visit your own Mastodon server and copy paste their Mastodon handle in the search input.
  • There is still a lack of interaction, but that should be a question of time. In my early Twitter days, I was shouting into the void as well :)

My Angular and RxJS content on Mastodon

My posts on Mastodon are mostly about Angular and RxJS.

Here is a small selection of my more interesting posts on Mastodon:

Angular community on Mastodon

Several well-known people from the Angular community are present on Mastodon already! Find them back in this post:

A thread about finding Angular people on Mastodon

In the replies to the post you can find even more!

And you? I hope to see you soon on Mastodon as well! Together we can make Mastodon a great place!


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