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10 Reasons for MiniRx Signal Store

The Angular renaissance is still ongoing. MiniRx is part of that renaissance and released a new Signal-based state management library for Angular: MiniRx Signal Store.

There are many reasons why MiniRx Signal Store is a great state management solution for Angular..., but these are the top ten reasons:

  1. All-in-one solution: With MiniRx Signal Store you get three well-defined state containers out of the box.
  2. Flexibility: All three state containers can be easily used together in your application. Depending on the use-case, you can choose the state container which suits your needs. Image description
  3. Highly integrated: MiniRx Signal Store was designed as an all-in-one solution from the beginning. This allows for a high level of integration:
    • Feature Store uses the Redux Store under the hood
    • Feature Store state integrates into the global state object of the Redux Store
    • Feature Store automatically uses all the extensions of the Redux Store (e.g. Redux DevTools extension, ImmutableState extension)
    • Feature Store and Component Store share the same API
  4. Made for modern Angular: MiniRx Signal Store uses modern Angular APIs (e.g. Signal, DestroyRef) and offers deep integration with Angular.
  5. New Angular best practices: MiniRx Signal Store implements and promotes new Angular best practices:
    • Signals are used for (synchronous) state
    • RxJS is used for events and asynchronous tasks
  6. RxJS and Signals interop: MiniRx Signal Store streamlines your usage of RxJS and Signals: e.g. connect and rxEffect understand both Signals and Observables
  7. Lightweight
  8. Extendable: MiniRx Signal Store comes with powerful extensions:
    • Immutable State Extension: Make your Signal state immutable to prevent mutating state accidentally.
    • Redux DevTools Extension: inspect state and state changes at anytime in the Redux DevTools (available for the Redux Store and Feature Store).
    • Undo Extension: Undo state changes.
    • Logger Extension: Log actions and updated state in the JS console.
    • You can easily create your own extensions!
  9. OOP-style: Your fellow fullstack Angular developers, who are used to object-oriented programming (Java, .NET, ...) will love MiniRx Signal Store. MiniRx Signal Store exposes TypeScript classes which can be extended or used with new.
  10. Framework-agnostic code: Although MiniRx Signal Store is an Angular library, your state management code is almost framework-agnostic. Signals are an internal implementation detail of the Signal Store. Therefore, you can easily refactor your state management layer to the original (RxJS-based) MiniRx Store and use it in whatever framework you want (e.g. Svelte).

You can try MiniRx Signal Store today


npm i @mini-rx/signal-store


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