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Considerations of building a web component

For an assignment, my team and I were tasked to build a reusable card to be used for websites. The card would consist of a heading with an icon,title, and a body that can support any html content.

Our team will take an approach of breaking down the element into four sub elements:

-The icon
-The heading which will contain the icon element, as well as a title and sub title
-The body which we be an element that can contain other html content.
-The card as a whole, will be formed by the previous elements coming together.


The difficult part about this task will be creating the sub elements in such a way that they will seamlessly come together to form the car as a whole

After the easy-button component:

After finishing with our initial task, the easy-button custom web component, we are expecting this to go smoother as we have learned to utilize css attributes and conditional rendering.

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