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An Idea.. If I didn't have to worry about school or work.

The problem

I used to be an extremely forgetful person I would constantly lose things such as my wallet, my car keys, my pants at highschool when we would have to change for gym, and so many more things over the years.

If only there was a tool or application that was specifically designed to help people recover their lost items.

If I had the free time to fully develop an application the solution to this problem might be where I start.

This application, lets call it "The Lost And Found" for now would be for people like me who would forget their head if it wasn't attached. At first I would develop it as a web application probably using nuxt js or asp .NET core as those are what I am most comfortable with. The application will be primarily database driven either using mongo db or AWS dynamo db. I would implement a login system either with AWS cognito or develop my own, but be careful not to store user passwords as raw text. The application would function as follows:

  • Users would create an account / login
  • At the home screen we will use a Data Table to display entries of Lost items. Each row would have a description, a photo, last seen location, date of posting, and the user who made the post.
  • If someone finds this item they can contact the original poster.
  • Users with accounts will be able to make lost item posts and add to the table.

That's it!

  • This would be a really simple application that could potentially help a lot of individuals.
  • If I developed this and it became popular I would probably like to implement a method of tipping users for finding their item, and take a small percentage of that for revenue.
  • In addition I would probably implement google ads so the site has some other way to make money.
  • Lastly If the application was really being used often I would start development for iOS and android.

That being said

  • I'm not sure how big of a market their is for helping people find their lost items, so this would definitely help some people, but I don't see it blowing up to being anything major.

What do you think about this Idea? Is it something worth developing?

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