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7 killer websites you need to check out!


Hello there, Welcome back to another post and in this post I will list you some websites that I found online and are extremely useful .

This site generates cool profile pictures from a normal image you upload on it.

Creating Neumorphism type components is difficult but this site makes that task way more easy you simply have to choose the design and copy the code.


When making websites or writing a blog post it is difficult to choose correct font pairing so this site generates cool font combinations for you .

If you have written a small piece of code and you want to share it in a cool looking image then this site is perfect for you. You can type code in it and it will generate cool looking images of your code.


If you are just making a template for a future use and need a sample logo you can visit this site it will help you.

This site makes it easier to write a file for your github repo .

7.CSS gradient

This site provides you with a number of css gradient bg color that you can you can use for your website bg.

So that's it for today thanks for reading. Feel free to ask/suggest something in the comments section.

Stay safe and do take very good care of yourselves.
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Worth bookmarking! โœ… (I see a lot of CSS posts, what about adding CSS Geek to your bio XD?)

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Thanks that means a lot, ohk I'll add it you can see it in sometime ๐Ÿ˜Š.