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How I solved 100 problems on LeetCode and what I was doing wrong? 👨🏼‍💻

LeetCode is a website with algorithmic problems similar to those in FAANG interviews and other IT companies. After solving over 100 problems in six months and discussing with others, I realized what I did wrong and right. Here's my experience to help you prepare more efficiently and quickly.

Systematic Approach
Instead of randomly tackling problems, I purchased a preparation course and focused on solving problems by topic. I studied theory, reviewed solutions, and then attempted the problems. Investing $100 in the course was one of my best decisions.

Avoiding Miracle Hopes
Realizing that prolonged contemplation didn't lead to solutions, I shifted to studying problem solutions first. Understanding algorithms and techniques from these solutions made it easier to solve similar problems in 5-20 minutes.

Setting Clear Goals and Tracking Progress
Initially, I lacked a sense of progress. Keeping a journal with problem analyses, noting challenges, and maintaining statistics on tasks solved and course progress helped track growth and maintain motivation.

Choosing the Wrong Programming Language
Using JavaScript/TypeScript, I faced challenges in writing solutions. I'm transitioning to Python, which simplifies problem-solving. Even my friend at Google in Germany recommended Python for its simplicity and built-in data structures.

Python vs. JavaScript – and Python wins! 💪
Python vs. JavaScript – and Python wins! 💪

Share your LeetCode experience, mistakes, and successes in the comments! 👋

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