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Souvik Paul
Souvik Paul

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Unfollow - Animated Short Film | Ravik Studio

Unfollow is a funny animated moral story by Rahul Singha.


About the Story:

On a beautiful evening at a beach, a man was lying on a chair and enjoying the sunset. Suddenly he saw an unidentified flying object (U.F.O) appears in the sky.

The man amazed by the incident and just because he is a social media addicted person, he’s trying to take a snap of the object for likes, for fame, for money.

The object is floating all over the sky and the man wants to reach the position to take the photo. The unknown species got irritated by the human and shot him with his alien gun and disappeared into the sky.

The moral in the story is:

Don't follow unknown things or persons to fulfil your addiction or desire.

--- + ---

Written and Directed by Rahul Singha
In Association with Don Ka Adda
Produced by Souvik Paul & Rahul Singha
Copyright: Ravik Studio
Motion Capture - Souvik Singha

--- + ---

Backgrounds, Editing, Art Direction and Character Design, Concept Art and Production Design, Coloring and Shading, Voice - Rahul Singha

VFX & Sound Mixing - Rahul Singha, Souvik Paul
Animation Studio - Ravik Studio (Souvik Paul, Rahul Singha)
Special thanks to Souvik Paul

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billraymond profile image
Bill Raymond

Cute video! Thanks!