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Souvik Paul
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I made a free tool to spy on any website's hosting & domain providers

For a few days, I sought a tool to find hosting and domain information for any domain.

Whether I find a website online or my competitor's website, cloud portal or anything, I want to know where they're hosting their platform.

I found some solutions online that don't meet my requirements and sometimes don't work.

So, I made it my own and published it free, forever for you.

The tool is Hosting Lookup.

free hosting checker online

You can look up any website, domain or URL to know what hosting or proxy provider they use.

Tool link:

This tool is for SAAS developers, cybersecurity students, bloggers, SEOs, domain traders and many other individuals.

This tool is free and always will be. So feel free to bookmark or install PWA to get information quickly.

You can also embed the information card into your website.

Just copy the code and paste it anywhere.

embed hosting information

<iframe src="" style="width: 100%; height: 520px; border: none;"></iframe>
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New Update

When I first launched the tool to a couple of users, they found it interesting but also they wanted WHOIS data as well.

I said, OK... let's do it.

free whois checker online

Now, you can look up any website's domain and hosting data in one place for free, forever.

whois lookup, raw whois data

You can also view the raw WHOIS data and copy it as JSON.

Please note: This tool is still in beta and it's a 2-hour project. I made it for myself but accidentally found out that people can use it as well.

Let me know what your feedback on this tool so that I can improve it and my coding skills better.

Thanks. You are awesome <3

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Ivan Zakutnii

Nice tool! Thanks!

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Souvik Paul

Thank you so much Ivan ❤️ Feel free to "add as bookmark" or "install as PWA" to get informations quickly.