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I have a nasty habit of closing important windows...

Well, I wouldn't be so harsh as to consider it "nasty". Perhaps you have simply gotten into the habit of closing windows in order to minimize potential distractions. 😉

Anyway, cool app! It's a nice and simple breath of fresh air from an oversaturated market of Electron apps. Are there any future plans for this app, or would you consider it to be "feature-complete" as is?


I definitely have future plans, chief of which being Pomodoro technique features. I haven't nailed them all down definitely yet, but my current concept is:

  • Automatic alert and timer pause every 25 minutes (one Pomodoro).
  • Tracking how many Pomodoros have been completed on one task.
  • Focus and break reminders.
  • A "manual timer wind" task, perhaps by having to spin a knob on the interface to unpause.

All of these features would be entirely optional. You'll be able to toggle Pomodoro Mode in the Settings.

In addition, I'm also planning the following:

  • Alarms/Reminders (not recurring)
  • Profiles: switch log file from a drop-down menu on the main view.

I've never heard about the Pomodoro technique until now. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure it would be a very useful feature for a productivity app.


I've been wanting to use the Pomodoro technique in my work - when you get that in there I'll definitely download and star on GitHub! :)

Hey, awesome! It's on my short list of tasks for the month.

In the meantime, I'd really appreciate any other feedback you have about the application as it stands right now. It'd be great to know if anything else needs to be improved in v2.1.

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