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re: The browser application has become a compilation target. You are correct. I've worked with JS when jQuery was simply the best thing since sliced br...

So discounting the "dizzying ecosystem" of JavaScript tools and build systems, would you say that WebAssembly is the right direction for the Web, where the heavy lifting is done by "native" code, while the UI and view layer is managed by simple HTML and JS?

Once the browser support starts coming in, I'd say that's a sustainable future for the Web. Though, I can't help but feel strange about how far it is from its humble origins.


I think it’s one direction with some steam, but I hesitate to say that it is the right direction

Well, you see this idea of “humble origins” that you speak of while also true in my case is really a figment of our own imagination. Was this really the intent of its designers or even a goal? I’m not sure. I never looked that that history...

That said, though, I agree — once we’ve got all the browser support, it’s a sustainable future. I think we can finally get to semantic HTML without shoehorning application state into a document and we can again pop open the source and make sense of it again.

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