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The WWDC 2019 Keynote Highlights in 5 minutes

Here are some things that were announced this morning that I think will change the way developers work on Apple platforms.

If I missed something or you caught a typo please leave a comment below.

Let's get into this!

First, the welcome video, now featuring lots of Touch Bar MacBook Pros (spoiler alert: they didn't update the notebook line-up here, having already cleared the decks with the spec bump):


New taptic clock chimes (audible if sound is on).

The robins are okay. - Kevin Lynch

New Apps

  • Audiobooks
  • Voice Memos
  • Calculator (with tip/split calculator)

New Developer Tools

  • Independent Apps (without iPhone companion)
  • Extended Sessions
  • Streams Audio API
  • Appstore for Apple Watch
    • Dictation search
    • Siri-based search
    • Integrated purchases


iOS 12 statistics:

  • 97% iOS 12 customer
  • 85% install base (10% adoption of Android 9)

[unlike] those other guys - Tim Cook

iOS 13

yes, it's iOS 13 - Craig Federighi

  • 30% faster Face ID unlock
  • app packaging changes - 50% smaller downloads and 60% smaller updates
  • 2x app launch speed
  • Dark Mode
  • swipe type (like GBoard)
  • smart photo sharing suggestions
  • time synced lyrics in Music
  • Safari text-sizing options
  • Mail formatting controls and rich fonts
  • Notes gallery view, shared folders
  • Reminders redesign
    • smart lists
    • iMessage tagging (reminder to talk)
  • Maps
    • rebuilt map
    • it'll rollout to the entire US by the end of 2019
    • ETA sharing
    • favorite places menu for easy access
    • collections for lists of favorite places for sharing
    • lookaround view for 3D exploring
    • smooth virtual street navigation



  • One-time location sharing
  • Background location usage reports
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal access controls

Social Logins

  • Sign in with Apple
    • simple API
    • instant Face ID authentication
    • optional private email generation > a unique, random address that forwards to your real address ... you can disable any one of them at any time - Craig Federighi
    • available on the web and all Apple platforms


  • Homekit Secure Video

    • Cloudless HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad camera analysis
    • 10-day clip storage for free
  • Homekit for Routers

    • Firewalls for individual accessories
    • Will be available from Linksys, Eero, ISPs like Spectrum


  • Avatar picture sharing controls


  • New Memoji options
  • Auto-generated Personal Memoji Sticker Packs
  • Memoji on all devices with A8 or later


  • High-key mono effect
  • Adjustable portrait lightning effect
  • Redesigned editing interface for still photos and videos
    • Video rotation


  • Hides duplicates with Machine Learning
  • Intelligent photo organization and nicer photo browsing


  • Siri can announce and read incoming messages from Messages or any SiriKit-enabled messages app
  • Audio Sharing


  • Handoff your music, podcast, or a phone call to HomePod
  • Live radio from 100,000 stations through Siri
  • Voice recongization/response personalization
    • Includes Apple Music, Messages, Reminders, and Notes actions.


  • redesign
    • CarPlay dashboard with Siri, music, maps, and calendar
  • Siri third-party integration (starting with Pandora and Waze)


  • Siri shortcut integration with the shortcuts app on all platforms
  • Suggested automations create templates based on your behavior in different apps


  • Now a text-to-speech voice entirely generated by a neural network
    • more natural responses

Other features

  • send unknown callers to voicemail
  • enterprise single-sign-on
  • separate iCloud accounts


  • a new name!
  • tighter Springboard app icon layout
  • home screen widget pinning
  • Slideover (mini app launcher on the side of the main app)
  • multi-window capabilities with individual component drag-and-drop and third-party app support

[shows two Word documents in a split view] I mean that's enterprisey right there - Craig Federighi


  • column-view (like Finder on macOS)
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing
  • SMB server file sharing
  • USB drive support
  • USB photo loading support for third-party apps (like camera -> Lightroom)


  • Desktop-class browsing (with automatic resizing and touch optimization)
  • Download manager
  • 30+ new keyboard shortcuts

Writing and Apple Pencil

  • Custom fonts on the App Store
  • Multi-touch navigation
    • for document scrolling
    • cursor position dragging
    • editing gestures:
    • three-finger-pinch copy
    • three-finger-pinch paste
    • three-finger-swipe undo
  • screenshot/photo markup gestures (with full document capture mode in Safari)
  • resizable keyboard gesture swipe (thumb typing)
  • 20 millisecond to 9 millisecond latency
  • redesigned editing palette
  • PencilKit editing palette API for app developers


New Mac Pro

  • modular design
  • top case handles
  • up to 28 core 300+ watt Xeon processor with great cooling
  • 6 channels of ECC RAM, up to 1.5 terabytes
  • 8 PCIe expansion slots
  • IO Card: two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one USB-A port, audio jack, two 10 gigabit Ethernet ports
  • supported graphics through up to two Mac Pro Expansion Module (MPX): Radeon Pro 580 X, Radeon Pro Vega || (two supported)
  • "Afterburner" module (6 billion pixels per second of hardware accelerated video editing)
  • optional wheels for transport
  • can drive six 6K displays
  • Fall release starting price: $5999

Live Demo

  • 1,000 audio tracks + software instruments in Logic
    • Simultaneously playing 3 streams of 8K ProRes RAW footage

Pro Display XDR

  • 32-inch LCD
  • 6K Retina
  • superwide viewing angle
  • anti-reflective coating
  • nano-texture matte glass panel option without haze effect
  • 1000 nits of indefinite full-screen brightness for HDR
    • peak of 1600 nits
  • 1 million to 1 contrast ratio
  • rotation to portrait mode
  • Fall release starting price: $4999
    • nano-texture version: $5999

macOS Catalina

iTunes split - Apple Music, Podcasts, TV

How about calendar in iTunes? ... How about Mail in iTunes? And maybe Safari in iTunes! ... Well of course we'll add a dock ... Nailed it! - Craig Federighi


  • Unobtrusive device syncing from Finder
  • New sidebar and recommendations


  • Machine Learning-informed search for spoken content


  • Contains purchased movies, subscribed channels
  • 4K HDR playback
  • Dolby Atmos spatial audio


  • Use iPad as a second Mac display
  • Precise input with Apple Pencil in several macOS apps


  • Voice Control for iOS and Mac.
    • Text correction/editing
    • Open apps
    • Scroll instructions
    • Tab-based navigation
    • Button clicking
    • Field navigation
    • Maps grid view
    • Volume control
    • Local processing

Find My

  • Find my iPhone + Find My Friends
  • Available on Mac and iOS
  • Offline location detection through secure distributed Bluetooth relay through other's Apple devices

Activation Lock

  • Supports all T2 Macs
  • Locks the boot and OS install processes with your credentials

Project Catalyst (Marzipan)

  • Start with a "Mac" checkbox in Xcode and build iPad and macOS apps simultaneously.
  • Early adopters:
    • Asphalt
    • Twitter
    • Atlassian

ARKit 3

plus a Minecraft Earth Live Demo

  • People Occlusion
  • Motion Capture support

Just to be clear no chickens were harmed on stage at WWDC - Craig Federighi


New UI Framework: SwiftUI

  • declarative, expressive UI
  • size classes
  • automatic animation
  • automatic Dark Mode support
  • live UI preview in Xcode
  • drag and drop component ("view") library with code generation
  • smart view inspect menu
  • built-in localization
  • live, on-device code editing
  • modular adoption (one view or full application)
  • runs natively on watchOS and every Apple platform, and binds to every native control

Release Dates (all platform announcements)

Developer beta: Today
Public seed: July
General user availability: Fall

Check out all the new stuff on Apple's website, which was recently updated with the announced Macs:

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