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The WWDC 2019 Platforms State of the Union Highlights

Here are some things that were mentioned during the Platforms State of the Union at WWDC 2019.

macOS Catalina

  • DriverKit - kernel extensions but in userspace

Explicit User Authorizations for:

  • Keystroke recording
  • Screen capture
  • Screen recording
  • User Data
    • Document
    • Desktop
    • Downloads
    • iCloud Drive
    • Removeable media
    • Network volumes

watchOS 6

  • Independence from the iPhone
  • Audio Streaming
  • Extended Runtime
  • SwiftUI support


Sign In with Apple

  • Real User Indicator based on account history (determine if another verification step should be performed)
  • Works on the Web and across all Apple platforms


  • image saliency (user interest heat maps for auto-cropping)
  • text recognition (printed text transcription)
  • word embeddings (get synonyms of words for search purposes)
  • speech api on-device (recognize speech)
  • speech saliency (get the cadence and pitch of spoken words)


  • Personalized, background-updated machine learning models personalized on each user's device.


  • macOS app for building models without code with templates, and testing them with various inputs from built-in sensors on iOS and Mac.

Siri Shortcuts

  • Shortcut phrase suggestions (Add to Siri)
  • Conversational (parametrized) shortcuts
  • Shipped with iOS and iPadOS
  • Automation (smart shortcut triggers)
  • Multi-step, multi-app shortcuts


  • Apple Pay integration (instant buy)
  • Simultaneous front and back camera usage
  • Motion capture
  • People occlusion


  • WYSIWYG interface for laying out 3D AR experiences for Apple devices
  • An iOS and Mac application


  • An engine for 3D AR experiences
  • Multi-threaded renderer
  • Synchronizes with camera data for realistic results


  • Supported fully by the iOS Simulator on Mac
  • Metal Memory Debugger to understand resource allocation
  • Metal Indirect Compute Encoding (offloading more tasks from the CPU to the GPU)
  • Better raytracing support
  • Peer Group API (GPUs can share data with each other without clogging the slower PCI system bus)

Thanks for reading!

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Maegan Wilson

As a user, I think Sign In with Apple is going to be great for privacy.